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Guaranteed Gap Free Baseline Preoperative Measurements for Patients Undergoing Lymph Node Surgery or Radiation


Why undertake pre-operative measurements and post operative monitoring for lymphoedema?


Lymphoedema is a common but under-reported, long-term, chronic side effect of surgery and radiation therapy for cancer. 


Early diagnosis and treatment of lymphoedema after cancer treatment can reverse this side effect or prevent it from becoming more severe.

Patients undergoing lymph node surgery or radiotherapy should make early education, assessment, and intervention a priority but unfortunately not all public or private hospitals are funded to provide this care.


Helen Eason Physiotherapy provides guaranteed gap free pre and post operative early intervention measurement and monitoring assessments for lymphoedema using state of the art technology – lymphscanner and SOZO bioimpedance spectroscopy.


How do I Access the Guaranteed Gap Free Assessment Service?


Patients need to make an appointment with their GP as soon as possible following cancer diagnosis to create a Chronic Disease Management Plan (formally known as Enhanced Primary Care Plan or EPC) before their appointment with Helen.


Patients need to be referred to Helen by their GP for services recommended in their care plan, using the referral form issued by the Department of Health.


The Medicare allied health initiative allows people with anticipated long term medical issues who are being managed by their general practitioner (GP) under a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan to access Medicare rebates for  5 physiotherapy sessions with an appointed physiotherapist. Eligible patients can claim a maximum of five allied health services per calendar year (MBS item 10960).


The form can be downloaded from:






Helen Eason Provider Number: 4653093Y

Consulting at: Aligned Health 423 Station Street, Box Hill 3128


The referral can be scanned and emailed to Helen at

or faxed attention of Helen Eason to: 03 9898 9609


Currently the CDM allows $56.00 Medicare rebate therefore Helen will only charge $56.00 to provide early intervention limb measurements.


If swelling or movement/ pain dysfunctions are detected, treatment can be provided at the patient’s request, but there will be out of pocket expenses dependent on the length of appointment and treatment required.



Further information regarding the CDM scheme can be found at:

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