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March 2023 - Helen returned to speak at Counterpart again about cancer related lymphoedema and how to minimise your risk of developing it. You can listen to the webinar online for free via the link below:

Helen recently spoke at Breacan regarding problems following gynaecological cancer treatment.


While aimed at gynaecological cancer survivors much of the information is relevant to any cancer survivor. Including exercise in your life has been found to be as important as stopping smoking in regard to cancer.


Those that regularly exercise and maintain a healthy body weight have a 40% less chance of cancer recurrence.

To listen to the free podcast click on the link below:



2014 - Helen was chosen by GRICS - the Gippsland Regional Integrated cancer Service - to be a clinical mentor to lymphoedema practitioners in Gippsland. Helen's first placement was with Michelle McMahon from Bass Coast Hospital. You can read Michelle's review of her placement with Helen below:2014

You can learn more about the services I provide and be educated regarding exercises following treatment for breast cancer or regarding lymphoedema at my youtube page:

2015-2017 -I am very proud to announce that I am the new chairperson of the National Lymphoedema Practitioners Register. I accepted this role as I am passionate about ensuring that the public gains evidence based assessment and treatment from reputable lymphoedema practitioners who have proven qualifications and are regularly updating their skills

" I found myself in the enviable position of being able to observe, discuss and participate in Helen's assessment, management and clinical decision making processed and tap into Helen's extensive knowledge. I left the clinic each day feeling inspired and motivated by Helen's energy and passion and with some new ideas to implement in my own clinical practice" Michelle McMahon. August 2014.

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