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Individualised Lymphoedema Risk Assessment With Monitoring For Subclinical or Early Onset of Lymphoedema


Research provides Doctors with approximate risks of lymphoedema for different cancer groups. For example, we know that approximately 1 in 5 breast cancer patients will develop lymphoedema.


The risk is high for some patients and very low for others. This is dependent on which treatments are required for cancer management. Every patient's cancer will be managed with a personalised treatment programme.


In a lymphoedema risk assessment Helen will discuss your cancer diagnosis and treatment, provide your own personalised calculated risk of developing lymphoedema, and inform you what you can do to reduce it.


Many patients have found that they have been worrying unnecessarily regarding developing lymphoedema, others find out they have a high risk but that there are easy life changes that can be made to reduce their risk.


With 24 years experience in lymphoedema, and a follower of research, Helen is the ideal person to compile your individualised risk assessment.


Using limb measurement, lymphscanner, and SOZO bioimpedance Helen can provide the most accurate assessment of early changes in tissue fluid and volume before someone becomes symptomatic of lymphoedema. Treatment instigated pre symptoms can help prevent and reverse full blown lymphoedema occurring.


Following the individualised risk assessment, Helen can educate patients appropriately regarding measures to undertake which can help to prevent lymphoedema occurrence.

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