Lymphoedema / Lipoedema Evidence Based Treatment

As part of the team at the Victorian Lymphoedema Practice the services offered include:


  • Full self management programmes of:

  • FG self lymphatic drainage massage*

  • skin care

  • lymphoedema exercise programmes

  • individualised lipoedema exercise programmes

  • overview of the evidence regarding dietary management for lymphatic disorders (to be further discussed with your dietician/ nutritionist)

  • general exercise and weight loss strategies

  • provision of compression garments - including measurement for custom made garments


  • FG - Medical lymphatic drainage (MLD)*

  • Compression bandaging using Coban 2 technology or multilayered comprilan bandaging as required

  • Lymphatic taping using kinesiotape 

  • Laser therapy

  • Sequential Intermittent pneumatic compression “lymphapress”

  • Fascial therapy

  • * Helen is trained in fluoroscopy guided MLD. This is the best and most evidenced based Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) which has proven efficacy to improve MLD outcomes with reduced treatment time.