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What is FG-MLD?

Until recently we have never been able to image functional lymphatic’s in real time.


With the new technology of Near Infrared (NIR) imaging, the surface (superficial)lymphatics can be visualised in patients in real time. This allows us to map out functional lymphatic collectors ensuring that we utilise the best drainage pathways for the patient and perform MLD techniques which we know the lymphatic system responds to.

Professor Jean-Paul Belgrado has presented globally regarding NIR fluoroscopy technique, applications and outcomes for clinical practice in lymphoedema and other related conditions. Professor Belgrado's research has demonstrated which hand contacts, movement and pressure are necessary for effective drainage of the lymphatic system.

Fluoroscopy Guided Manual Lymphatic drainage (FG-MLD) is currently acknowledged as the best and most evidenced based Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD). Helen has trained in FG-MLD to improve MLD efficacy and outcomes in a reduced treatment time.

(the above information is adapted from Lymphoedema Training Academy website - the providers of FG-MLD training)


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