Lymphoedema / Lipoedema Assessment With State of the Art Technology – Perometry and Bioimpedance Spectroscopy

Helen consults at Victorian Lymphoedema Practice which provides state of the art technology. Most therapists use tape measures to take limb measurements which is time consuming and prone to inaccuracy.


The combination of perometry, lymphscanner and bioimpedance, combined with Helen's manual skills, will provide you with the most accurate assessment in the quickest time.


This ensures that the majority of your consultation can focus on actual treatment, providing value for money.


The perometer measures the volume of a limb at 170 places in just a few seconds, making it a more accurate and speedy measurement process compared to standard tape measurements.


Measurements can be analysed over time to determine whether treatment plans are providing optimal oedema reduction.


Limb volume will consist of bone, muscle, skin and fluid in total. Therefore Helen also uses Bioimpedance spectroscopy to analyse fluid alone. Helen uses the SOZO Impedimed device which can measure arm, leg and total volumes. For patients with head, neck, genital or breast oedema Helen uses lymphscanner to gain fluid readings. SOZO bioimpedance also has the ability to calculate fat mass and muscle mass. Helen is currently researching the use of this device as an assessment tool for lipoedema as part of her PhD thesis.


The perometer can also calculate the optimal compression garment at the click of a button for patients at risk of lymphoedema or mild lymphoedema cases and to directly order made-to-measure garments from the manufacturer if necessary.


Perometry is used at Mercy and Monash Health Lymphoedema clinics. Therefore measurements are easily transferable to the public lymphoedema clinics for seamless care if required.