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Useful links.

There is alot of information on the internet which may be of use to you. Below are some links to reputable organisations with medically correct and up to date information.

Australasian Lymphology Association

Lipoedema Australia

Sloan Kettering Memorial Cancer Hospital (their herbs page is outstanding for cancer patients)

Counterpart (was BreaCan)

Breast Cancer Network Australia

National Lymphoedema Network

British Lymphology Society

Talk Lipoedema

The Lipedema Project

Cancer Australia

Lymphoedema Action Alliance

Lymphoedema Compression Garment Programme


Please remember that medical information provided by the website of Helen Eason Physiotherapy, in the absence of a consultation with Helen Eason, must be considered as an educational service only. The information from these webpages should not be relied upon as a medical consultation. The practice of Helen Eason Physiotherapy will do their best to provide you with information that will help you make your own health care decisions.
Convenient links to information sources are provided for further interest only. Whilst credible, Helen Eason does not control the content of these external sites (which are periodically updated) and cannot guarantee their accuracy or relevance in one’s personal circumstances.

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